Insider’s Guide: 5 Tips for Prolonging Your Summer Tone

Posted on August 5th, 2015

Are you searching for that perfect golden glow? iTAN is ready to help you prolong your summer hue this season and beyond.

We can agree that sun-kissed skin looks good on everyone! iTAN offers skin sensing technology that allows you to achieve a balanced glow. Skin sensing sunbeds emit a balanced amount of sunlight based on skin tone to virtually eliminate overexposure. After all, the golden rule of tanning is to never sunburn. You can also achieve maximum color by rotating iTAN’s skin sensing sunbeds with Sun Lite and Sun Plus sunbeds. Once you have the color that you’re looking for, these 5 tips will keep you glowing:

Before You Bask in the Sunlight:

1. There you glow with your beautiful face!
Nothing says “summer” like a golden face and smile. Apply a pea-sized amount of facial lotion to your fingertips and gently rub into your face and neck to keep your skin hydrated. The skin on your neck and upper chest are as delicate as the skin on your face, so be sure to use your lotion in those areas as well. Don’t want to tan your face? A towel won’t do the trick. Talk to your salon consultant about the Tanfacia® that blocks 98% of UV rays.

2. All that shimmers is gold – or a bronzed body!
Lather up for a glowing disposition because your skin loves moisture. During the summer months, your skin needs more hydration, so apply bronzer or intensifier body lotion to keep your skin silky smooth. Drinking water also helps keep your skin soft and supple from the inside out! Always avoid drugstore sunbed lotions and moisturizers. They often contain synthetic oils and fillers that can prevent your skin from tanning.

3. Soft and golden is the way to go!
Follow your iTAN salon consultant’s sunbed time recommendation based on your skin type and summer tone goals. Don’t forget to use protective eyewear!

After Basking in Sunlight:
4. Extend your tan and enjoy summer for all its glory!

Apply a tan extender generously after sunbed use, and daily after bathing or showering to seal in moisture and extend the life of your sun-kissed tone.

5. Shake it off!
Prolong your tan by exfoliating three to four times a week, or as needed. Exfoliation preps the skin for your sunbed session, but can lead to dry skin if done in excess.

A bronze glow is our favorite summer accessory. Enjoy!

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