Why Indoor Tanning Lotion?

Posted on July 12th, 2017

Last week we gave you the 411 on the different kinds of indoor tanning lotions.

But… what if you already have a favorite lotion? Do you really need to use a specifically formulated indoor tanning lotion? Yes. One million times, yes!

Whether it’s your everyday go-to or one you slather on for a trip to the beach, that lotion is NOT right for indoor tanning. In fact, it prob contains ingredients (like mineral oil) that actually BLOCK your tan! Who knew, right? We have many different indoor tanning lotion options at iTAN because we know, everyone is looking for something different from their indoor tanning experience.

To help you achieve YOUR target level of bronze, iTAN’s indoor tanning lotions:

  • Are offered in bronzer, intensifier, and tingle.
  • Have yummy scents from sporty, to fruity, to boho. (100% natural herbalodorant, anyone!?)
  • Are available in man-friendly formulations so bae doesn’t have to steal yours.
  • Have special benefits like anti-aging, skin firming, and complexion correcting ingredients.
  • Can give you instant results with or without DHA.
  • Have luxe ingredients like crushed gemstones and cashmere extract.
  • Are available in natural formulas with sustainable, organic ingredients.
  • Have a range of prices to suit your personal budget.
  • Are available in formulas that protect your tattoos.
  • Have delayed bronzers, if desired, for the tan that keeps on… tanning!
  • Moisturize, moisturize, moisturize!

That last point is most important. Before, during, and after indoor tanning, hydrating your skin is crucial! A glowing complexion starts with happy, nourished skin. Dry skin means your tanning sesh won’t be as effective, your tan won’t last as long, and wrinkles will be way more visible. Eeeek.

Treat yourself to the perfect indoor tanning lotion for the ultimate beauty experience.
Your skin will thank you. (By looking ridiculously gorgeous, obviously!)