Get Sun-Kissed Skin for Spring

Posted on April 21st, 2017

We sure know how to help you get sun-kissed skin for spring! After being a SoCal staple for 16 years, we are absolutely masters of creating the all-natural golden glow. Here are our top tips on how to warm up your spring with a little sunshine, plus our top spray picks for every skin tone.

1. Exfoliate.
The first and most important step for creating a sun-kissed, healthy glow is to exfoliate. Our sunshine experts always recommend buffing out and removing dry skin from ankles, knees and elbows.

2. Hydrate.
After exfoliating, apply your favorite tanning lotion generously for perfectly hydrated skin and hop into your favorite sunbed. Facial tanning lotion and body tanning lotion have separate uses. Facial tanning lotion is designed to protect the delicate skin on your face, neck and upper chest. For your best suntan, avoid drugstore tanning lotions and moisturizers that can contain synthetic oils and fillers that can prevent your skin from tanning. If you decide to use your indoor tanning lotion outdoors, make sure you pair it with California Tan SPF Continuous Spray.

3. Pick a sunbed.
With so many options amongst our sunbed categories, including Sun Lite, Sun Plus and Sun Pro, achieving your desired glow is easy and accessible.

A key to achieving a balanced glow is to use a Sun Pro Skin Sensing Sunbed that takes readings from your skin to emit a customized amount of sunshine, and virtually eliminate overexposure. If you’re looking to achieve maximum color, rotate amongst sunbed categories.

4. Glow longer, plus extras.
Continue to exfoliate about three or four times a week, but pay attention to your skin’s needs; over exfoliation can be abrasive. After a few tanning sessions, some guests prefer to stop tanning their faces. A towel will not block out all sunshine, so consider a Tanfacia next time you’re at the salon. And lastly, protect the nips! Ask your salon consultant for Tanning Tips, a silicone gel nipple cover that protects your sensitive skin during your sun tan session.

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