Tips on Fighting Cellulite with FIT Bodywrap

Posted on June 3rd, 2016

The “c” word is no fun… and yes, we’re talking about cellulite. The most innovative anti-cellulite skincare doesn’t come in a bottle or jar because FIT Bodywrap is all wrapped into one. With SoCal’s year round bikini season, cellulite is enemy number one and FIT Bodywrap can help fight it.

The FIT Bodywrap system uses clinically proven infrared technology to penetrate the body and help melt away stored fats and toxins. With the use of infrared therapy, stored fats and toxins are eliminated naturally through sweat. The process of sweating with infrared therapy can help increase the body’s metabolism, improve circulation and burn calories. FIT Bodywrap results can also be amplified with FIT Booster Spray, which also helps to condition the skin.

So what causes cellulite? According to, cellulite happens when fat deposits push through layers of collagen and connective tissue under skin in problem areas such as the thighs, bottom, arms and stomach. In addition, states that connective tissue can lose strength due to hormones, lack of exercise, lack of muscle, excess fat, and poor circulation. Far infrared heat as found in FIT Bodywrap can help promote the rebuild of injured tissue by having a positive effect on fibroblasts or connective tissue cells that produce collagen fibers for repair, thereby, increasing cell growth.

Do this with FIT Booster Spray and say goodbye to cellulite: Used daily, the FIT Booster Spray can serve as an everyday topical skincare treatment to help combat cellulite. FIT Booster Spray includes a variety of top-tier skin beautifying ingredients, including caffeine to help reduce wrinkles, shrink fat cells and smoothen cellulite. According to FIT Bodywrap, caffeine serves as a topical diuretic that constricts blood vessels to help reduce swelling for tighter skin.

Need something in between FIT Bodywrap sessions? A spray tan creates the perfect soft focus lighting for your skin. A summer glow with Airbrush or a Spray Booth is a quick and easy way to conceal any imperfections.

Glow on, beauty. Enjoy summer “c”-word free.