How Models Get in Shape

Posted on January 15th, 2016

From at-home workouts to rock climbing, the 2015 iTAN Models sure know how to stay in great shape! Our 2015 iTAN Models Clarissa, Lindsey, Adam and Alejandro enjoy various activities outside of modeling to keep them feeling and looking great year-round. Our models gave us the inside scoop on how they get in shape and stay fit for photo shoots and everyday life.

1. How do you define getting in shape?
Clarissa: Getting in shape is more than just about physical fitness, it’s about loving your body, in a way that makes you healthier and happier!
Alejandro: Being in shape is not necessarily being “ripped.” As long as you are healthy and can perform physical challenges, that you’re up for, then you’re in shape.

2. How often do you workout and why?
Lindsey: I work out at a gym four to five times a week. I also do pole fitness classes a few times a week. The days I don’t make it to the gym I work out at my house while watching Netflix. I find that planks, donkey kicks, squats, and push-ups are easily done at home.
Adam: I work out three to five times per week in the gym. I also try to do one fun activity per week like mountain biking or rock climbing.

3. How do you fuel your body and why?
Clarissa: I eat very healthy, fruits, veggies, meat, whole grains 80 percent of the time. However, I allow that other 20 percent for little cheats here and there because it’s important to keep a happy mind. Everything in moderation!
Alejandro: I have a pretty simple diet! It’s high in proteins and high in complex carbs. I’m naturally thin so I need extra calories in order to build muscle.

4. How long do you have to stick to a workout routine to see results and why?
Adam: If you exercise regularly and eat right, you can see results in a couple weeks and big results in two to three months.
Clarissa: I tell my clients to give themselves a year to completely change their body. You want to make sure you are exercising correctly and safely, so you can reap the benefits forever! Most clients start to see changes in the first few months.

5. Any tips and tricks? Give us the nitty gritty!
Lindsey: Don’t skip breakfast and eat more complex carbs! I love drinking water with lemon and cayenne. If you need a fitness companion, get a dog! They are great motivation to get up and moving.
Clarissa: I can’t stress it enough, consistency is everything! The more you do it, the longer you stick with it, the more results you will see!

We wish you a happy and healthy 2016, beauties! Don’t forget to add #iTANfan to all of your fitness and beauty inspired photos.