Hottest Winter Hair Colors

Posted on February 8th, 2017

It’s cold outside… but these hair colors are HOT.

iTAN’s sun, spray, and spa services have your skin looking fabulous… A perfect canvas for trying 2017’s hot new hair color trends! Winter 2017 is the hair color season of plenty. From essential sun-kissed surfer blond, to über trendy tiger eye balayage. It’s a season not to hibernate, but to own your look. Be bold or stay subtle; based on our 2017 trend watch; almost anything goes!

Winter 2017 Hot Hair Color Trends


Subtle: Terra Cotta
-Details: Clay pot hue with blue undertones.
-Style icon: Kate Mara

Bold: Cherry
-Think back in the day, when the coolest girl in school dyed her hair with Kool-Aid.
-Style icon: Lilly Collins


Subtle: Chocolate/Chestnut Ombré
-Details: Seamless deep brown to warm chestnut or chocolate ends. (Hint: ask for complementary—not contrasting—highlights.)
-Style icon: Salma Hayek

Bold: Tiger Eye (Said to be the #1 hair color trend for 2017!)
-Details: Caramel/ honey highlights, hand-painted upon brunette hair.
-Style icon: Jessica Alba


Subtle: Natural
-Details: Softer than jet black, suited to every skin tone.
-Style icon: Rihanna

Bold: Jet
-Details: Add tiny chocolate highlights for depth and warmth.
-Style icon: Selena Gomez


Subtle: Surfer Girl (Perfect complement to that iTAN bronze!)
-Details: Bright, sunny blonde streaks… San Diego represent.
-Style icon: Blake Lively

Bold: Frosted Gold
-Details: “Champagne on ice.”
-Style icon: Beyoncé


Subtle: Blorange (This season’s rose gold.)
-Details: Blonde + Orange = hotness.
-Style icon: Georgia May Jagger

Bold: Sponging (Hotter than hot; this trend is just taking off in the UK!)
-Details: It’s sponge painting. For your HAIR.
-Style icon: This trend hasn’t found its way to the US yet. Which means… it could be you!