Hot Workout: HIIT

Posted on March 1st, 2017

Oh hi, high intensity interval training!

Cutting the time of traditional endurance workouts in half; top 2017 fitness trend high intensity interval training (HIIT) was made for your nonstop life. Made up of short bursts of 150% energy with mini rest periods in between, you can complete a calorie-burning workout in under a half hour. Check out the awesome benefits of this time-saving workout below!

Benefits of High Intensity Interval Training

#1: Fat Burning. With high intensity interval training, the body burns fat, particularly subcutaneous fat, at a greater rate than longer endurance workouts. (Subcutaneous fat is the stubborn stuff!)

#2: AND STILL MORE Fat Burning. Following this workout, your body actually continues burning fat and calories for up to 24 hours! It takes lots of energy to replace the oxygen used during the high intensity intervals, and this also strengthens your cardiovascular system and metabolism. HIIT is the gift that keeps on giving!

#3: Lean Muscle Building. HIIT is a SERIOUS wake up call to the hormones that build lean muscle. And with all that fat burning happening at the same time, the result is some major muscle definition. The kind that makes you walk by a mirror and do a double take. At yourself.

#4: Boredom Busting. Nothing worse than committing to run for forty-five minutes on the treadmill, and starting the stare-at-the-clock-game after about two. HIIT’s varied intervals don’t give your brain time to be bored!

#6: Mood Boosting.Runners High,” that feel-good rush you get after a challenging workout, is no myth! Working out increases production of endorphins in your brain, and also triggers production of serotonin, aka the happy hormone. The greater level of endorphins and serotonin in the brain, the more blissed out you feel!

#7: Stress Reducing. The repetition of high intensity interval training requires a level of focus that, even for a short time, distracts your mind from all else. The hard work provides an outlet for stress, without adding to it with the dread of a lengthy time commitment.

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