Graduation Day Fashion

Posted on May 17th, 2017

Stand out on graduation day!

Just because everyone is wearing the same cap and gown, doesn’t mean you can’t show your style. Get inspired for your big day with quotes from some of our favorite fearless women, and then check out these fun graduation day fashion ideas:

  • Designer graduation cap: Glitter. Sequins. Feathers. Metallic markers. There is just no end to the awesome you can create on your graduation cap. Seriously, it is YOUR CANVAS.
  • Hot sandals: Soar above the crowd with some retro platforms, go for comfort (and stability) with Crocs, or strut across the stage in a strappy sandal/sock combo. Bonus: Decorate your socks to match your cap! Check out all the latest 2017 sandal trends.
  • Mani/pedis: Gather your girls for matching mani/pedis. Choose one of the top spring manicure trends, or maybe get your school colors! OR French tips in your school colors… Or maybe your crush’s initials on your left ring finger… Last chance right?
  • Temporary hair color: Go streaking at graduation! We’re talking about your hair, of course. Paint on your school colors, or make a statement your own way!
  • Fun makeup: Dramatic cat eyes, face and body jewels, or even lipstick to match your soon to be alma mater
  • Power jewelry: From statement rings, to BFF necklaces, to engraving your own personal message of empowerment. This is an awesome way to not only shine, but to also bond with your squad.
  • Fun sunglasses: Is your graduation ceremony outside? PERFECT excuse to rock a style of shades you’d maybe not wear under normal circumstances. This is your graduation, today you ARE a rock star.
  • That glow: Make everyone wonder what your gorgeous skin secrets are. The experts at iTAN can help you plan the perfect sun/spray/spa regimen!

For even more fun:

Have a pre-graduation day party to decorate and coordinate graduation day fashion with your besties. Of course remember to document it all. #SelfiesForDays