On-the-go Beauty Products

Posted on August 7th, 2017

iTAN’s top five on-the-go beauty products!

You may know we offer lots of amazing beauty products at iTAN, from the best UV lotions to awesome exfoliators. Did you know we also offer on-the-go beauty products? These beauty secret weapons are small enough to go in your teeny clutch, but can make a major difference in how you look and feel!

Don’t leave home without them:

  1. Designer Skin – Ultra Illuminating Bronzing Powder. A good bronzing powder is harder to find than a promising match on Bumble. We love this one from Designer Skin, available in three sun-kissed shades to get your bronze just right. The powder combines dark and medium bronzers with a rosy pink highlight, creating a sexy, day at the beach kind of glow. Who spent all day in the office? Not you!
  2. Australian Gold – Lip Balm. Our team love, love, loves this lip balm! From the yummy kiwi-lime flavor, to natural ingredients like Aloe Vera (conditioning and soothing) and jojoba (hydrating and smoothing)… it is our absolute fave. Bye-bye chapped lips! SPF 30 and goes on clear.
  3. California Tan – Three-In-One Towelettes. It’s like a multipurpose facewash, that travels wherever you do! Whether you’re lost in the wilderness, leaving the gym, or need a quick refresh before reapplying your makeup, California Tan’s got you covered. One side of the towelette cleanses, the other exfoliates, and Aloe Vera is an instant pick-me-up for your complexion! Exfoliate, cleanse, correct. All in one swoop.
  4. Mystic – Mocha-Kyssed Bronzer Stick. This pocket-sized bronzer stick is a total must-have. It glides on smooth over bare skin OR foundation to contour cheekbones, highlight jawline, define cleavage, AND enhance abs. Plus, the creamy formula makes for a fail-proof application.
  5. Whiter Image – Chic Flic Pen. A gorgeous smile can take any look off the charts. This little wonder-pen has a teeth whitener on one side, and a plumping lip gloss on the other. It’s one of those little secret weapons that make ‘em wonder how you do it.