Get Glowing Skin with SPF

Posted on March 4th, 2016

It’s a fact; most SoCal bronzed beauties love to bask in sunlight! While iTAN’s Sun Pro sunbeds virtually eliminate overexposure by emitting a custom amount of sunlight, how do we take care of our skin while being exposed to outdoor sunshine? Welcome California Tan SPF Collection, featuring SPF 15 and SPF 30 Continuous Spray and SPF 45 Face Mousse.

Now, you can take care of your skin outside of the salon while achieving a deep, golden glow. The California TAN SPF Collection’s exclusive sun care line was brilliantly formulated with a distinct blend of antioxidants, skin conditioners, melanin enhancer and sun protectors to preserve your youthful radiant appearance.

Here are 5 tips to enjoy a SoCal beach day any day with the California Tan SPF Collection:
Tip 1: Add California Tan SPF Collection to your beach bag before a swim!
California Tan SPF Collection features Continuous Spray to keep your complexion glowing from head to toe. All products are water resistant for up to 80 minutes, making it a must-have accessory for a swim at your favorite beach! (We <3 La Jolla, San Clemente, Pacific Beach!)

Tip 2: Select your preferred SPF level!
California Tan SPF Collection Continuous Spray is available in Broad Spectrum SPF 15 and SPF 30. All you have to do is pick your preferred coverage, and enjoy a beautiful day in the outdoors!

Tip 3: Take a #NoFilter selfie with SPF 45 Face Mousse!
We all know the secret to a flawless selfie is a spray tan, but now you have an additional tip to add to your arsenal with California Tan SPF 45 Face Mousse. A non-scented formula, California Tan SPF 45 Face Mousse allows you to care for your delicate facial skin. It also creates the perfect canvas for makeup application, thanks to its lightweight, quick dry formula that is non-greasy, leaving skin feeling clean to the touch.

Tip 4: Enjoy goji berries and a little green tea!
They say you are what you eat, and now our favorite superfoods have a place on our face. All California Tan SPF Collection products, including Continuous Spray and Face Mousse, feature antioxidant packed green tea and goji berry extract to provide your skin with the nutrients it needs, preventing future damage and shielding the skin from free radicals.

Tip 5: Love your skin and Vitatan for a deep, golden glow!
According to Livestrong, melanin is a natural substance in the body that gives skin its color. All California Tan SPF Collection products feature Vitatan, which provides the skin vital nutrients and energy to maximize melanin production while taking care of the skin.

Don’t forget to take a picture on your next beach day and use #iTANfan!

SPF_30_Cont_SprayCT_13_SPF45_Spray-MOUSSE SPF_25_Cont_Spray