The Secret is in Our FIT Bodywrap

Posted on June 21st, 2014


Ready for this year’s summer slimdown? You can detox, reduce stress, manage your weight & pain, plus detoxify–the secret is in our FIT Bodywrap.

What is FIT Bodywrap?

FIT Bodywrap employs clinically-proven infrared heat that penetrates the body, eliminating stored fats and toxins naturally through sweating. FIT Bodywrap can boost metabolism, improve circulation and burn calories while your body is at rest. Detoxify and achieve weight loss – just in time for swimsuit season!

What to do before your FIT Bodywrap session

Exfoliate. Prior to your FIT Bodywrap session, exfoliate your skin for best results. In the shower/bath, apply the SlimLine Exfoliation Scrub to the entire body using circular motions to remove dead skin cells. Make sure to rinse thoroughly.

Apply FIT Booster Spray. For best results, spray a generous amount of the FIT Booster Spray all over the body, paying attention to problem areas but avoiding the face.

The FIT Booster Spray creates a barrier on your skin, making your body work harder to produce sweat to maximize calorie burn. The FIT Booster Spray also fights cellulite formation, providing a slimming effect, reducing the appearances of wrinkles, and toning and moisturizing your skin.

Keep hydrated. Before your FIT Bodywrap session, make sure you keep hydrated by drinking at least 16 ounces of water at room temperature. Your body will sweat during the 60-minute session, so it is extremely important to replenish your body fluids. Drink up and say goodbye to unwanted fats and toxins!

What to do after your FIT Bodywrap session

Apply SlimLine Celliminate Cream. Apply the SlimLine Celliminate Cream on cleansed skin daily, focusing on target areas after a shower/bath to reduce appearance of cellulite. Avoid the face and eye area, and massage into your skin until complete absorption. After it soaks in, make sure to wash your hands thoroughly. Think of having flawless skin and that summer body that will leave your friends begging for your beauty secret!

Drink more water. After your FIT Bodywrap session, drink at least 16 ounces of water at room temperature. While water weight lost during a session is replaced with rehydration, up to 15% of the sweat composed of fats and toxins are not. Staying hydrated after your session will help flush those harmful fats and toxins out.

Lie back, enjoy a movie, or listen to your favorite summer playlist while you relax, detox and kickstart your summer weight loss with FIT Bodywrap at your nearestiTAN location.


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