The Best Full Body Workout

Posted on April 8th, 2016

If you find it challenging to stick to a workout plan, it’s time to try a full-body workout! The best full-body workouts will stimulate your whole body or all-over fitness improvement. Spring into shape with these top full-body workout tips from our iTAN Models.

1. What’s your favorite full-body workout?
Adam: I teach a full-body calisthenics class at Rock Fitness in Wildomar, Calif. It is really effective because it focuses on all the muscle groups at high intensity and pace. Doing this type of workout regularly builds muscle, burns fat and trains for a lot of cool calisthenic moves that are really popular on YouTube.
Lindsey: When I want to do a full-body workout, I start out on the treadmill to get my heart rate up. I normally run for five minutes on an incline then I do squats, leg presses, lunges, pull-ups, push-ups and lastly I do a plank rotation for my core.
Clarissa: My favorite full-body workout is kickboxing! It combines high intensity with muscle building technique. It’s a fantastic workout.

2. How long does a full-body workout typically take?
Adam: If you do a fast full-body calisthenic workout, it can be done in one hour.
Lindsey: I normally spend about 45 minutes to an hour and half at the gym.
Clarissa: Typically a good workout will run about an hour, unless you choose high intensity which can be anywhere from 15 to 25 minutes.

3. What’s a full body workout that can easily be done at home?
Adam: Calisthenics are great for home workouts because it is all body weight, so you don’t need gym machines.
Lindsey: Squats, lunges, push-ups and abs can be done at home. Just make sure to keep your heart rate up in between sets by doing squat jumps or jumping jacks.
Clarissa: Body weight circuits with a mix of intensity will get your heart rate up and build muscle,  and requires no equipment.

4. Do you need any equipment to get a full body workout?
Adam: No, but it does help if you have a pull-up bar, and maybe dip bars. There are many home devices for this like a Power Tower, which typically runs for $100 to $200, or even just a doorframe bar.
Lindsey: You don’t always need equipment to do a full-body workout, however, I do recommended getting free weights and a yoga mat.
Clarissa: No, not at all! Just play with intensity and reps.

5. What are your favorite ways to recover from a full-body workout?
Adam: Stretching or yoga after a full-body workout is great, as well as an Aqua Jet Therapy massage at iTAN.
Lindsey: You have to stretch after working out and keep moving, don’t just go home and sit on the couch. I also love getting massages. You could stop by iTAN for a massage.
Clarissa: I always foam roll and stretch to recover. Keeping up with mobility allows you to continue making progress with your workouts.

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