Franchise Benefits Featuring Tim Herlehy

Posted on July 22nd, 2017

A franchise like iTAN Franchising, Inc. provides business owners the freedom to operate an established business model. iTAN Franchising, Inc. has franchise opportunities for first-time business owners, entrepreneurs and existing tanning salon owners. Tim Herlehy, who currently owns and operates seven iTAN locations, shared with us how he became involved with iTAN Franchising, Inc., and provided some advice for aspiring franchisees.

1. Give us an overview of how you became involved with iTAN Franchising, Inc.?
I was introduced to iTAN through a member of my CEO group. I was making a career change, and he approached me about iTAN. We ended up opening iTAN Mission Valley, and six months later I purchased three more iTAN locations from iTAN Founder & CEO Faraje Kharsa. I currently own and operate seven iTAN locations.

2. How does iTAN Franchising, Inc. fit your business needs?
I like the iTAN business model; it works well for me. iTAN Franchising, Inc. allows me to be entrepreneurial without being alone. I also enjoy the operational side of the business and the help I get from iTAN Franchising, Inc. on the marketing end. We are local, so we as franchisees can meet as owners on a regular basis.

3. How has iTAN Franchising, Inc. successfully helped you manage your franchise locations?
iTAN Franchising Inc. and the other franchisees offer all the help you can need. When we built my Mission Valley salon, the franchise was very involved in helping us get the layout design correct and provide the branded iTAN look. We received help with everything from material to color selections, and they were always available to help me get answers to my questions.

4. What advice would you give an entrepreneur who is interested in joining the iTAN franchise?
Do your homework, and make sure it’s right for you; it’s a people business. It does take hard work and focus, but it can be very rewarding. I think it’s a better business than many other franchise systems.

5. Overall, what do you feel has been the top key benefit of purchasing an iTAN franchise?
When I got involved with iTAN, I had three young daughters. In my previous career, I was traveling a lot, so I was away from home often. The biggest benefit for me is that it has allowed me to run my own business and grow to a size that I am comfortable managing, while still being available for my family. I can live a comfortable lifestyle and still have the freedom to have a life beyond work.