Flower Symbolism

Posted on April 17th, 2017

Flowers, flowers everywhere!

There may have been some grumbling about all that rain we got this winter… but WOW. Has SoCal ever seen a prettier spring!? Hopefully you made it out to the desert to check out some of the amazing wildflower super bloom action.

Did you know different colors and kinds of flowers symbolize different things? Check out their meanings below! (Just in case your date shows up with yellow carnations.)


  • Red: I love you.
  • Yellow: I love you—as a friend.
  • White: Let’s start something new and beautiful. (Sigh.)
  • Pink: I’m so happy.


  • White: You’re lovely.
  • Pink: You’re unforgettable.
  • Yellow: Never call me again. (At least in Victorian times. Who knew!?)


  • Happiness and good cheer. Smile!!!

Standard meanings for other flowers:

  • Red: I loooooove you. #romance
  • Orange: Cheer up, buttercup.
  • Yellow: I care about you! (Strictly friend zone.)
  • Green: Be well. (Namaste.)
  • Blue: Peace.
  • Purple: I’m proud of you.
  • Pink: I like you. (Like, I like-like you.)
  • White: Pure good vibes.

Build a bouquet of different colors, to communicate on a whole different level.

Blue irises with red Gerber daisies? Peace and love. Yellow tulips and purple lilies? I’ve got your back, keep crushing it. A rainbow bouquet? #OMG #AllTheFeels #SoEmotional

Weird word to the wise.

Avoid giving someone a bouquet of basil. Not that you would, but everyone from the Ancient Greeks, to the Romans, to the Victorians had a strong opinion on this fragrant offering. From I love you, to I hate you, to you’re driving me crazy, back in the day basil was scan-da-lous! (Maybe just stick with putting it on your pasta.)