First time spray tanning? Here’s what to expect

Posted on October 19th, 2017

First time spray tanning? We have you covered! If you’ve read our beginner’s guide to spray tanning, then you know how to prep before entering the spray booth. Prepping for a spray tan is simple: exfoliate, shave, and skip moisturizers and makeup. But that’s not all; there are tips and tricks to perfecting your faux glow.

Here’s what you can expect from your first time spray tanning service combined with our favorite tips:

Your spray tan will last five to seven days
Every #iTANfan is different, but your spray tan should last somewhere between five to seven days. Add an accelerator, prep spray or apply after tan moisturizers to help your spray tan last even longer.

Take your natural skin color into consideration
If you have fair skin and prefer dark spray tans, consider double dipping. Prepping your skin in the Hydration Station or with a sunbed session can make your spray tan look even more natural.

Your color won’t shave off
We recommend shaving before your spray tan, but even if you have to shave a couple days later, you’ll be okay. Your spray tan develops on the top layer of your skin, so it will fade away as you exfoliate, shave and use your loofah, however it won’t completely disappear from one time of shaving.

Apply your favorite moisturizer or lotion every day
It’s so important to apply your favorite moisturizer or a tan extender every day. If you’re visiting a dry location, like Vegas, increase your moisturizer or lotion application to twice a day. This will help your spray tan wear off evenly and prevent your skin from getting dry. Dry skin can be more noticeable with a spray tan.

The longer you go, the darker you’ll get
We typically recommend allowing your spray tan to develop for a minimum of six to eight hours, or four to six hours with a spray tan accelerator. However, if you want to maximize the darkness of your spray tan, you can let it develop for up to 12 hours.

Rinse without a loofah or washcloth
A loofah or washcloth can be too harsh on your newly spray tanned skin. Wash your body with your hands the first few days to prevent your spray tan from wearing off unevenly.

Lightly dry yourself
If you’ve never spray tanned before, you’re probably accustomed to rubbing your skin dry with a towel. During the first few days of your spray tan, pat yourself with a towel without fully drying off and apply moisturizer on damp skin.

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