Faster Tan Secret

Posted on July 7th, 2017

Faster tan secret: The double dip!

The double dip. It’s frowned upon at dinner parties, but not at iTAN! If you need dark color, fast, did you know you can double dip a in higher level UV bronzing bed, and THEN get your Spray tan on?! Whoa. That’s called, getting it done.

Depending on your iCLUB membership, you can use Sun and Spray services back-to-back, in the same day, for maximum, insta-bronze action.

How it works:

  1. Start with a Sun sesh in the Sun Pro High Performance Bronzing Sunbed.
  2. Follow your Sun bliss base with an immediate Spray session of your choosing.

Why it works:

  1. The Sun session will help to open your pores. And that means…
  2. The Sunless solution can be better absorbed! And that means…
  3. Deeper tan, faster.

Insider double dip tips:

#1 Skip your usual UV lotion! It could contain ingredients that add a barrier to your skin,
which can block the absorption of your Spray tan.

#2 Instead, use the Mystic Tan Booster or the VersaSpa Intensifying Primer to balance your skin’s pH and moisturize your skin, making sure your Spray tan is absorbed evenly, lasts longer, and develops faster! (You can shower in just three hours. 🙂 )

VersaSpa Intensifying Primer lotion Mystic Tan Booster