Far Infrared Heat

Posted on February 20th, 2017

If you don’t know what far infrared heat is, that is okay!

We’ve realized it’s one of those things that everyone assumes everyone knows, so no one asks, because they don’t want to be that person. Like the spa world’s balayage. (We’ve got you covered there too!)

We use far infrared heat in several of our spa services, including The FIT® BodywrapThe Hydration Station® and Photo Facials. It is a form of heat energy you cannot see, but can only feel. Like a crush on Benedict Cumberbatch.

Far infrared heat is gentler and penetrates more deeply than other forms of heat, which is why it is so incredibly effective and has such diverse body benefits! Check some of them out below.

5 amazing body benefits of far infrared heat spa treatments:

  • #1 Detox: As your body heats up, you sweat out harmful toxins.
  • #2 Stress Relief: Soothing heat helps you relax and helps balance the stress hormone cortisol in your body.
  • #3 Fitness: Far infrared heat raises your core body temperature and your heart rate, burning calories as if you were exercising. Except, you’re not! AWESOME. It also helps to accelerate the breakdown of fat and cellulite. (Especially in The FIT® Bodywrap!)
  • #4 Clearer Skin: Minimize pores and get glowing. Far infrared heat improves your body’s circulation and removes toxins from your skin. (Combine with moisturizing power in The Hydration Station® for your most gorgeous skin ever.)
  • #5 Pain Relief: Far infrared heat soothes aches and pains and reduces muscle soreness, increasing circulation in the body to also ease inflammation.

Bonus Trivia

(To impress Benedict Cumberbatch.)
–Infrared heat was discovered in the 19th century, by the same man who discovered Uranus. (Sir Frederick William Herschel.)
–Infra is Latin for “below”. “Infrared” is so named to reflect that it is a light below red in the spectrum. Invisible to the eye, yet higher in temperature than any we can see! #whoa