Fall Into Beauty at iTAN

Posted on September 9th, 2014

Skincare routines are a little bit like our closets, a couple of times a year we need to switch out the pieces that don’t fit the season. Fall into beauty at iTAN with a few tips to pack in your suitcase wherever your travels take you to make sure your skin stays in top shape as the weather gets cooler.

1. Say goodbye to your lightweight cleanser.

Use a thicker, creamier version of your face and body cleanser to protect your skin from the season’s cold air. Remember, just because summer is over doesn’t mean your golden glow needs to come to an end too. Dry skin reflects light and sheds at a faster rate which decreases the lifespan of your tan. Well moisturized skin better absorbs light and encourages a deeper, darker color. A staple this season is the Hemp Nation daily moisturizer by Australian Gold. Its unique unique blend of vitamins and soft focus microspheres work to help protect the skin against the signs of aging and provide natural radiance.

2. Less is more.

During the hot summer months we tend to exfoliate our skin more to remove sweat, dirt and sunscreen. As the weather cools down, we have the luxury of exfoliating less. Use a gentle body polisher, like SlimLine Exfoliation Scrub for best results. This also means your spray tan will last longer too!

3. Don’t forget to wear sunscreen while outdoors.

Even though the sunshine will begin to fade, don’t forget to wear a sunscreen or tinted moisturizer when outdoors to avoid overexposure. As always, you can continue enjoying your favorite lotions from Designer Skin or California Tan during your iTAN Smart Bed sessions. iTAN Smart Beds feature skin-sensing technology that calculates a luxurious customized session while providing a balanced sun-kissed glow during the fall season.

4. Quench your skin’s thirst.

Ladies and gentlemen, tis’ the season to reach for a tan extender. A common myth during the summer season is that tanning without a lotion causes the skin to tan faster. The only reason it may appear this way is because of dehydration. Tanning without a lotion causes the skin to dehydrate temporarily, as a result, it appears darker for a short period of time. Ask one of our iTAN consultants about our luscious Kardashian Glow Tan Extender to replace any moisture lost during tanning sessions.

5. Escape the daily grind.

As things get busy during the fall season, take a break from your hectic schedule in the Hydration Station for a 20-minute steam pod experience. It infuses your skin with revitalizing moisture, aromatherapy, infrared heat and steam. You can also ensure longer lasting UV and spray tanning results by hydrating your skin with revitalizing moisture in the Hydration Station prior to your sun tanning session.  With soothing aroma and comforting heat, the Hydration Station is the perfect escape from the daily grind.

Happy sun, spray and spa!