Everything You Need to Know About Sunbeds

Posted on March 7th, 2018

There’s so much to know about sunbeds! We absolutely love the relaxation that we experience after a much needed dose of sunshine, and of course we love that beautiful golden glow. If you’re interested in sun tanning or sunbeds, here’s everything you need to know.

First thing’s first…
In order to take advantage of our sunbeds, you must be at least 18 years old and should not be taking any medications that can make you sensitive to the sun, such as Retin-A and some antibiotics. A sunbed is a controlled, indoor sun session designed to help you achieve a beautiful bronze glow year round.

Make sure to be aware of your skin type…
If it’s your first time at iTAN, our consultants will gladly guide you in determining your skin type, ranging from one to five. Skin type number one typically has blonde or red hair, and skin type number five has naturally darker skin and features. Your skin type will help your consultant determine how much time you should spend inside a sunbed.

Gradually increase your tanning time…
Depending on where you fall in the skin type scale, you can spend more or less time inside the sunbed. Our number one tip is to start slow, with the lowest recommended time, and gradually work your way up. Treat tanning the same way you treat fitness conditioning, gradually increase your exposure until you feel comfortable.

How often should you use the sunbed…
Although you can tan as often as once every 24 hours, we’d advise that you start slowly in achieving your tanning goals. If you haven’t tanned before, start with three or four sessions a week and allow at least 10 sessions for desired results. For instance, if you’re going to Hawaii next month and would like to get a head start on your golden glow, start now. Once you’ve achieved your desired color, you may only need a couple of sessions per week in a Skin Sensing Sunbed to maintain your skin tone.

Take your time to learn about the variety of sunbeds…
Our sunbeds range from Sun Lite, Sun Plus toSun Pro, including Skin Sensing sunbeds which feature technology that gives you a balanced glow while virtually eliminating the chance of overexposure. Here’s a breakdown of each category:

  • Sun Lite: builds your color gradually, however, it requires a longer session.
  • Sun Plus: creates beautiful, golden color in a shorter session.
  • Sun Pro: top technology boosts your color most effectively.

For best results, we recommend switching between Sun Plus and Sun Pro sunbeds to continually boost your color.