How to Drop a Dress Size

Posted on November 16th, 2017

Looking to drop a dress size fast? Our former iTAN Model Clarissa is a personal trainer and shared her top fitness tips with us. Whether you’re looking to get into your holiday attire or simply look and feel your best, read on for our top tips on how to drop a dress size effectively:

Set goals with specific and measurable targets
Goals are personal, so dig deep to identify what results you are looking for in the next 3, 6 and 12 months. This way, you can make sure you are setting small, shorter term goals, and bigger, longer term goals. As a personal trainer, setting specific and measurable targets helps me design a program that will get clients the results they are looking for in their fitness program, such as dropping a dress size.

Take a look at your diet
One of the best ways to kickstart a fat loss program is to take a look at your diet and pick one thing to change at a time. For instance, if you drink sugary caffeinated drinks often, challenge yourself to take them out. Once that is accomplished, move onto your next goal.

Take progress photos
Weight loss has everything to do with body fat percentage, especially when there is a big focus on physique improvement like dropping a dress size. Ten pounds might not seem like a big victory on the scale, but it can have a dramatic difference on your overall look and size. Progress photos make it easy to see what kind of improvements you are making and how quickly.

Nutrition is key
With all your might, stay away from sugar! Sugar is addictive and composed of empty calories, or calories that do not hold any nutritional value. Do yourself a favor and avoid those sweet treats during the holidays. It will help you stay on track to avoid gaining extra pounds before the New Year.

Don’t be afraid to lift heavier
Generally when people think of weight loss, they only focus on cardio. What you don’t realize is how important lifting weights is to your fitness program. Your body burns calories more efficiently when you have more muscle mass. Therefore, you’ll burn more calories during exercise!

Focus on technique and form
Doing an exercise incorrectly can take it from effective to ineffective. Once you are sure you have the correct form, focus on an 8-12 rep range and 3-4 sets of a particular exercise. Ladies and gentlemen, don’t be afraid to lift heavier during your reps; that’s how you build strong, lean bodies.

Try high intensity interval training
Cardio, no matter how often and how intense, really depends on your individual fitness level and goals. If you are a beginner, try 25-30 minutes of moderate intensity (exp. jogging or the elliptical) to get started. A more advanced level person should aim for HIIT (exp. high intensity interval training) like full-body cardio circuits, sprints or intervals on the StairMaster.

Take advantage of FIT Bodywrap for last-minute events
The FIT Bodywrap is a good tool to use if you have a last-minute event to attend and would like to be a bit more toned. It will help you feel more tight and toned, especially in trouble areas.

Remember that fitness is a journey
There is no quick fix when it comes to changing your body, so remember to be patient. Consistency and effort are your biggest tools when trying to drop a dress size.

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