Myxers: How to Customize your Spray Tan

Posted on August 3rd, 2017

Picture yourself with a just-came-back-from-vacation glow minus the tan lines. Well, achieving that Instagram-worthy glow just got a little easier with Myxers! iTAN offers Myxers such as bronzers, scents and an accelerator to customize your spray tan.

The most popular option when getting a spray tan is to pick from light, medium or dark, and let the spray tan do its magic overnight. Hold onto everything you thought you knew about spray tans because here’s the lowdown on how to take your color to the next level by customizing your spray tan with Myxers:

A bronzer creates a custom, natural glow for each individual skin tone with varying undertones. Bronzers are also great for days when you need instant color! Our friendly consultants at iTAN can help you pick from one of four shades that will best enhance your skin tone, including:

  • Mocha-Kyssed: warm brown undertones for a classic, bronze tan
  • Island-Kyssed: cool brown with violet undertones for a deep exotic tan
  • Sun-Kyssed: warm brown with subtle red undertones for a ‘day in the sun’ tan
  • Honey-Kyssed: warm brown with golden undertones for a glowing tan

Varying from person to person, the DHA that gives you that oh-so gorgeous glow can give off a distinct aroma the first day after you spray. Scents provide a refreshing after-spray tan scent so you can feel extra refreshed. You can choose from:

  • Coconut Lime
  • Fresh
  • Sport
  • Warm Vanilla
  • Beach Days

Show off your tan in half the time with an accelerator! Perfect for a last-minute summer outing, an accelerator can provide results in as little as two hours. It also balances the skin’s pH levels for an even, deeper, darker tan. Plus, it hydrates and moisturizes your skin.

At iTAN, it’s easy to become a self-proclaimed Mystic queen or king! Simply pick your spray tan color from light to dark and ‘Myx’ it up with your favorite Myxers. Enjoy, #iTANfan!