Body Building with iMAN

Posted on February 28th, 2015

Did you know iMAN 2014 Jon Wilson is a bodybuilder? Jon specifically competes in Men’s Physique and makes it part of an everyday, healthy lifestyle. He contributes iTAN’s services and products to his success in the fitness industry. Jon has said, “Thanks to iTAN, I stay tan and look good consistently in my daily life and for my competitions as well.” iMAN 2014, Jon Wilson, shared his best tips on bodybuilding and wellness.

Here’s what Jon said:

1. What is the allure of bodybuilding?

The allure of bodybuilding to me is not so focused on bodybuilding itself, but more so how much I enjoy living a healthy lifestyle. I enjoy the pursuit of having my body in optimal condition year-round and not just once or twice a year for a bodybuilding show. Bodybuilding is about self-motivation and a passion to witness a physical transformation.

2. What’s your favorite part about bodybuilding?

The first lesson in bodybuilding is discipline which is also my favorite part. Discipline can be difficult to learn, but maintaining a schedule is necessary to stay on track in meeting your goals. The ultimate natural high of bodybuilding is experienced during the first 15 seconds, when the lights hit you on stage, and you perform your poised routine. It’s the ultimate culmination of all the time spent balancing time sweating at the gym, working, family, a healthy diet and more.

3. How did you get into bodybuilding?

I was on deployment in Honduras and another K9 handler, Frank, was really into working out. I followed his lead, went to the gym and picked his brain about techniques, diet, and training splits. We spent a lot of time training together, so when I returned from Honduras I decided to hire a coach, fine tune my diet and enter my first competition where I placed 3rd. I was hooked on the sport, but first and foremost the lifestyle.

4. What is the greatest fitness or wellness benefit you receive from bodybuilding?

The greatest wellness benefit is the inner sense of accomplishment I get everytime I finish a workout and walk out of the gym. I apply this same discipline from the gym to my job as a K9 police officer. I’ve learned to appreciate small accomplishments and how they come together to reach big-picture goals.

5. What iTAN services do you feel combine best with your bodybuilding regimen?

I use iTAN’s Sun services most in conjunction with my bodybuilding regimen. I enjoy having a good base color on my body because it helps show muscles a bit more in preparation for a show. A bronzed color is essential for being able to show your muscle lines. Additionally, having glowing skin in my daily life is a natural confidence booster for me.
6. What advice would you give to someone interested in bodybuilding?

The best advice I could give someone interested in bodybuilding, men’s physique or just working out is to always seek people who are more knowledgeable than you. It’s always important to ask and observe. Never be afraid to ask because you can acquire so much knowledge from more experienced lifters and fitness gurus. You should always be learning while advancing your body.

7. What’s your favorite workout and why?

It’s tough to pick one! My back and shoulders are my favorite body parts to work on. I enjoy changing training splits every couple months. Sometimes, I will workout two-to-three muscle groups per day and then switch to one muscle group per day. This lets my body learn different movements and it gives me an opportunity to try various techniques or newly learned ones.

8. Bodybuilding competitions are very intimidating to most people? How do you work up to that?

There is always going to be someone who is better than you, and that’s okay. You should never be intimidated, instead it’s an opportunity to work harder and challenge yourself. It’s the golden rule: treat others like you would like to be treated. You should never want to intimidate others on or off the stage; no one respects a bully. My coach Terry Placker of Team Fidelis has taught me and other athletes that being humble in the sport of bodybuilding pays off.

9. What’s your favorite inspirational quote?

I have two! First, my father, Chris Wilson, says, “Don’t make me proud, make yourself proud and everything will fall into place.” Another quote and major rule of fitness says, “Abs are made in the kitchen, you can’t outwork a bad diet.”

10. Are you passionate about other fitness and wellness activities aside from bodybuilding?

Aside from competing, I enjoy creating delicious healthy meals that meet my daily nutrition requirements. It’s a common misconception that diets have to be boring, but in reality it can be very fun and delicious. I also enjoy training circuits, and I just started getting into yoga with the help of my wife and mother-in-law.

11. How do you see bodybuilding evolving?”

Bodybuilding has evolved into a worldwide sport again, which makes more information and knowledge accessible to fans and followers. It’s also great to see that the amount of athletes to learn from has skyrocketed. Fitness is what we all love, not just competing.