How to Choose the Best Tanning Lotion

Posted on November 15th, 2016

The heart of the holiday shopping season is almost here! Start early and save big during the iTAN Lotion Clearance Sale. This month, save up to 40 percent on over 50 multi-use products going on sale, from skincare lotions featuring intensifiers, bronzers, tingle, facial tanners, after-tan moisturizers and more!

With so many options to achieve your best glow, here’s how you can choose the best tanning lotion for you and anyone on your holiday list:

If you’re looking for a simple yet effective tanning lotion, intensifiers help your skin absorb sunshine and maximize color while providing your skin with much-needed moisture.

A perfect example of an intensifier is CT ID Intensifier Step 1 by California Tan. It infuses your skin with clinically proven ingredients, including vital nutrients to enhance your skin’s hydration for noticeably youthful skin. During an eight-week clinical trial, over 93 percent of user experienced firmer skin.

Love to double dip? Tanning lotions with cosmetic bronzers are formulated with either time-release or immediate color that deliver a luxurious after-tan glow.

CT ComplexION Optimizer Step 2 is our go-to time-release lotion featuring bronzers, including DHA (the active ingredient in your spray tan) and C2 Complex. A complexion correcting ingredient, C2 Complex works almost 50 times better than hyaluronic acid during a 24-hour period, embracing your skin with moisture and sophisticated color.

Need help breaking your tanning plateau? Tanning lotions with tingle are recommended for experienced sun tanners who are ready to take their glow to the next level. Lotions with tingle give your skin extra oxygen for dramatic color.

Facial Tanners
Ready for your best no-filter selfie yet? Facial tanning lotions are specially formulated to protect delicate facial skin and can typically be used as a daily moisturizer.

Restore energy and radiance to your facial complexion with, CT ID™ Optimizing Concentrate by California Tan! After just two weeks of morning and evening use, 97 percent of clinical trial users saw improvement in firmness and elasticity.

After Tan
Did you know drugstore moisturizers can strip your glow? While exfoliating is a great way to reveal polished skin, some drugstore moisturizers carry harsh chemical exfoliants that can strip away your tan. Seal in your skin’s color with after tan moisturizers like Hemp Nation by Australian Gold to hydrate and lock in your hue.