9 Beauty Products That Actually Do What They Say They Will

Posted on March 23rd, 2018

With so many promises out there today, we had a long chat with our consultants, customers and experts to roundup beauty products that actually work. In addition to your all time-favorite sunbeds and spray tan services, we have an array of beauty products that keep true to their promises.

Check out what our #iTANfans had to share with us:

1. California Tan Restored Products- Hailey, iTAN Consultant
I love to use the California Tan Restored products at home as well as in the Beauty Angel. The Restored Post Cream Step 3 and Restored Target Serum Step 2 are my favorite beauty products.

I use the Post Cream as a nighttime moisturizer as well as a daily moisturizer, before applying makeup in the morning. It plumps my skin and gives me a fresh feel everyday! Another thing I love about the Post Cream is that it’s extremely hydrating without leaving my skin feeling greasy or oily.

The Target Serum is another one of my favorites. It is an extremely concentrated formula of everything good for your skin. It features argan oil, argireline peptide, aloe vera and hyaluronic acid to name a few. It plumps my skin while relaxing the look of wrinkles and helps tighten and tone. Wow! I keep it in my fridge at night and put it under my eyes every morning. Any bagginess or signs of exhaustion are gone, just like that!

Also, I break out really easily, so I am naturally very particular about the products I use on my face. I have noticed improvement in hydration and overall clarity in my skin since I began using these products.

2. LightStim Products – iTAN Customer Barbara B.
You can quote me on this one! I think the LightStim products are amazing because they do what they say they will. I see great results in reducing my fine lines and wrinkles. They also really help tighten my skin all over. I actually use them on my face, chest and stomach.

3. FIT Bodywrap – iTAN Customer Jennifer R.
My waist has definitely gotten smaller since using FIT Bodywrap and FIT Booster Spray beauty products! My hourglass shape is finally visible, and a lot of my friends have noticed that my body looks much leaner and tighter. Also, I lost my “pouch,” which is something I’ve been working on for years that I could never seem to get rid of with just plain exercise. I started as a size 2-4, and I’m now a size 0! It may not be a huge change for most people, but for me my excess weight was very bothersome. I can honestly say I’m at my target weight!

4. Airbrush – iTAN Social Media Consultant Jamie P.
I tried Airbrush for the first time for my bachelorette party. I love the Mystic and Versa spray tans, but since my bachelorette was such an important event for me, I wanted to make sure my tan was absolutely flawless. I loved the fact that I can control how dark I could get with the Airbrush. I also have a few imperfections/birth marks that I wanted to make sure were covered up, and the Airbrush allowed me to achieve that. It was great to be able to customize my tan exactly to my desire. If I felt like two layers weren’t enough, I had the option of having another layer sprayed onto my body to achieve my desired look.

5. Mystic Bronzers – iTAN Social Media Consultant Claudia H.
I’ve always had a love relationship with spray tans, but I didn’t fully commit to a long-term spray tanning regimen until I discovered Mystic Bronzers. The reason was that my skin doesn’t have an undertone; I’m not yellow, I’m not pink — I’m fair and neutral.

My go-to is the Island Kyssed bronzer because it truly customizes the undertone of my spray tan, which is so important to me. The standard Mystic Tan comes with a bronze undertone which looks amazing on me during the summer but a little too bronzey for late fall through spring, and the VersaSpa is a brown undertone. I love good beauty products!