Beauty Inspiration For All of Your Upcoming Warm-Weather Soirees

Posted on May 14th, 2015

As far as warm-weather soirees go, Memorial Day weekend is the ideal time to establish your event-ready beauty regimen. As the temperatures rise and summer inches closer, our goal is to get you event-ready for anything that comes your way.

From sun up to sun down, looking good and feeling confident in your skin is important before any soiree, so we created a checklist as easy as 1-2-3 to help you prepare.

1. Hydration StationCreate beauty that lasts
Create beauty that lasts by using the Hydration Station followed by a sunbed and spray session. A 20-minute steam pod experience, the Hydration Station opens your pores and relaxes your muscles through the power of heated distilled water pressure from the neck down. The best at-home product to prepare for the Hydration Station is the Exfoliation Scrub by Slimline that polishes your skin to absorb the full benefits of your spa session. Hydration and exfoliation is our favorite combination to help create glowing, healthy skin.

2. SunProBask in sunshine
The key to getting that gorgeous just-came-back-from-vacation glow is not just having a great bronzer; it’s knowing how to properly bask in sunshine. There’s never a need to sunburn for a sun-glowing complexion. Post-Hydration Station, your skin is a flawless canvas for creating a sun-kissed glow in a SunPro sunbed. As you incorporate white clothing into your warm-weather attire, a glowing complexion will be your go-to accessory. The SunPro delivers a customized, luxurious sunbed session that virtually eliminates overexposure for a lasting glow.

3. Beauty AngelShake it off
Shake it off and set yourself apart from the crowd by hopping into the Beauty Angel. Featuring a full-body light and Vibra Shape exercise platform, Beauty Angel targets problem areas while firming and toning the body. Perfect for feeling confident and event-ready any time!

Are you ready to be greeted by the season of soirees?

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