Airbrush Tan or Spray Tan: Match Services To Your Desired Skin Tone

Posted on January 8th, 2016

Our automated Spray Booth has been a staple for the SoCal beauty on the go, and now iTAN is offering Airbrush spray tans at select locations. We love to cater to your bronzed beauty needs so you can get the best results every time, keeping you gorgeous from head to toe. Check out the top benefits of Spray Booth and Airbrush spray tans to see which option is right for you.

Airbrush Spray Tan
Airbrush gives you the radiant, custom look you want before any special occasion (or everyday)! iTAN’s Airbrush technology is the only application that can deliver a warm airbrush spray tan experience thanks to its patented heat carrier that allows the spray solution to stay warm upon touch. The state-of-the art equipment, designed by our Mystic HD and VersaPro Spray Booth makers, allows our consultant to evenly apply just the right amount of spray solution for you.

How-to Airbrush:
1. First, visit your nearest iTAN location that offers Airbrush and an expertly trained consultant will discuss and custom blend the best color for you.
2. You can customize your Airbrush spray tan with any scent of your preference.
3. The Airbrush nozzle will spray evenly for natural looking and body contouring results. Yes, contouring! It’s the spray tan equivalent of your contouring palette which allows us to create just the perfect amount of shadows.

Spray Booth
A Spray Booth spray tan is a beauty essential for the bronzed beauty on the go! Our Mystic HD and VersaPro Spray Booth is a staple for everyday golden glow needs thanks to its self-serve and customizable technology. Our Spray Booth spray tans offer three graduating levels of color from light to dark, plus iTAN carries prep and hydration products to extend the life of your tan. Spray Booths are perfect for flawless results in the privacy of an automated Spray Booth.

How to Spray Booth:
1. Select your color from light to medium, and make sure you are free of any cosmetics and jewelry before entering the Spray Booth.
2. Apply barrier cream on your hands and feet, and follow the numbered foot tiles in the Spray Booth.
3. Once the fan has turned off, exit the Spray Booth and rinse after 6-8 hours.

Now that you have a beautiful tan don’t forget to take a selfie and use #iTANfan!