About Spray Tanning

Posted on March 3rd, 2017

Let’s talk about spray tans!
If tanning beds and booths are not your cup of faux-glow tea, spray tanning is a perfect way to still get that gorgeous bronze. And of course, iTAN has some amazing options for you!

But first, what is a spray tan?
So, the main ingredient in a spray tan, is dihydroxyacetone. Or as it’s known to friends, DHA. DHA is a carb (monosaccharide sugar) compound that comes from veggies (like beets!). When DHA is applied to your skin, it starts working magic. Or, in science terms, it begins to oxidize. Translation: it makes you look like you spend your days frolicking on white sands in Bali! #ScienceRocks

When will I see results, and how long will it last?
After your spray tanning sesh, you’re going to want to wait 4-8 hours to shower or workout. Perfect excuse to put your feet up! After your full golden glow has emerged, expect it to last for up to a week. And then you come see your friends at iTAN again!

Speaking of iTAN, we offer the spray tanning options below:


  • Privacy – just you and the booth!
  • Customizable spray sessions.
  • State-of-the-art airbrush AND MagneTan® technology.
  • Flawless, golden goddess glow!


  • Privacy AND spaciousness in an open-design booth.
  • Just back from Spring Break bronze perfection!
  • Bonus: Option to add cosmetic bronzer for right-now results.


  • Privacy, space, and heated application for a true spa experience.
  • Ready-to-bare-all beautiful bronze results.
  • Mega bonuses: Add a cosmetic bronzer, get even glowier with a double session, or do a prep and post application!


  • Your very own airbrush-certified iTAN consultant. (They are AWESOME.)
  • Premiere heated spray solution to nurture skin as it boosts your glow.
  • Choices! Pick your scent, solution, enhancer, and dream level of bronze.

Our customized, thoughtfully designed spray tanning options and dedicated experts ensure you achieve the sun-kissed tan just right for you.

Still have questions about spray tanning? We are here to help!