A Beginner’s Guide to Spray Tanning

Posted on May 22nd, 2014

Spray tanning—oh how it’s evolved! In the 1950s, the first sunless tanning product called the Man-Tan, hit the market. It was then that sunless tanning gained a rather infamous reputation for the orange, splotchy look. Today, spray tanning products have improved dramatically to develop a custom and natural glow as opposed to old formulations.

If you’re a first-timer and you’re ready to dip into spray tanning, here are some inside tips and tricks:

What you need to know before your spray tan:

  1. Make sure to exfoliate before your spray tan. Get your mani/pedi appointment out of the way in advance. Although we know your goal is to be tan, we can leave your nails out of the picture! Wax/shave prior to your spray tan. This will remove excess skin and will ensure a more even tan. Waxing/shaving afterward can actually remove the spray tan and create uneven results.

  2. Use iTAN-approved spray tanning prep products to optimize your session.

  3. Before hopping in your spray tan booth, make sure you pat on an ample amount of blender cream on your hands, particularly in between your fingers, and your feet, especially in between your toes. Remember, just pat; don’t rub. The blender cream is supposed to create a barrier between you and the spray tan so certain areas like your hands and feet don’t look darker than the rest of your body.

  4. Maintenance. An airbrush tan typically lasts between five to seven days, but that varies. In order to make it last as long as possible, use a lightweight moisturizer or a tan extender.

What you need to know after your spray tan:

  1. Once your spray tan is finished, make sure to wipe the bottoms of your feet with wet wipes or a towel. This will help take off some extra color that your feet might have absorbed.

  2. Things you should avoid: Sweating, the rain, extended hot showers, Jacuzzi tubs, chlorine pools, and heavy or greasy creams.

  3. For best results, sleep in your tan! Wear comfy cotton pajama pants and a t-shirt. Try getting your tan in the late afternoon or evening and then go home and go to bed. You’ll wake up glowing and ready to go!

  4. Try to wait 4-6 hours before showering. Pat yourself with a towel after your shower to maintain the longevity of your tan.

  5. Although we recommend shaving before your spray tan, if you must do so post-spray, shave using a brand new razor with very light touch.