The 8 Best Lotions for Fall 2017

Posted on October 23rd, 2017

Beachside bonfires, hot cocoa and the iTAN lotion clearance sale! Available only this season, enjoy special savings on tanning lotions or sunbed enhancing products. Enjoy 30% off any one, 40% off any two, and 50% off any 3 or more, select, 2017, multi-use sunbed products. Need a little help making your selection of 2017 go-tos?

Here are our 8 favorite tanning lotions to keep your skin glowing through fall and beyond:
1. Black Legacy by Designer Skin
Black Legacy is a bronzing lotion that helps activate the tanning process and eliminate restrictions on dark color potential in just one sunbed session. Its moisture technology also helps your skin look as good as it feels.

2. ComplexION Tan Extender by Designer Skin
DS ComplexION Tan Extender increases the life of your tan beyond the sunbed session. The tanning lotion utilizes high quality marine derived protein to improve skin tone and suppleness.

3. CT ComplexION Face by Designer Skin
CT ComplexION Face is a specialized facial bronzer that helps even out your skin tone for a flawless complexion. It also enhances elasticity to increase suppleness.

4. Love Boho Haute Hippie Bronzer by Swedish Beauty
Love Boho Haute Hippie Bronzer features a blend of DHA and natural bronzers to maximize color for a tan that pales in comparison. The formula also balances uneven skin tone with its playful papaya blend.

5. Love Boho Gypsy Soul Intensifier by Swedish Beauty
Love Boho Gypsy Soul Intensifier helps create a naturally golden tan and beautiful luminous skin with powerful bronzing peptides. Its sea salt blend refreshes and restores the skin to keep it nourished and happy.

6. Cherish by Designer Skin
Cherish ensures your skin is left smooth and soft with refined powerful skin protectants that revitalize your skin. Its whole milk-based formula also fortifies your skin with calcium to promote the production of color.

7. 949 Cali Intensifier Step 1 by California Tan
CT 949 Cali Intensifier Step 1 helps keep your skin looking young by soaking it in aloe vera and shea butter for intense, long-lasting hydration. It also nourishes your skin with vitamins and minerals found in sea salt.

8. 858 Cali Optimizer Step 2 by California Tan
CT 858 Cali Optimizer Step 2 uses bronzing optimizers so you can reach your tanning potential with instant and delayed color. Its advanced boosting tanning technologies utilize high levels of copper peptides and oxygen that energize the skin for deeper and darker tanning results.

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