5 Life Hacks for Beautiful Skin

Posted on February 12th, 2018

An easy to follow skincare regimen that still gives you maximum glow may seem like just a dream—but there are a few changes that reap major rewards. Here are our top five life hacks for beautiful skin. Visit us on Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat and Twitter and share your favorites, too.

1. Non-comedogenic products
There’s beauty in simplicity, and we’ve found that in non-comedogenic products. If you find yourself having constant yet minor breakouts, the culprit can often be found in your skincare products, such as face wash, moisturizer and everyday sunscreen. Albeit far from perfect, a non-comedogenic label is a good place to start when looking for products that won’t clog your pores or cause breakouts.

Mystic Tan and VersaSpa spray tan solutions are also non-comedogenic, so your weekly spray tan routine will give you all the beautiful tanning results while also being kind to your skin.

2. Apply makeup primer
One of the things we wish we had learned earlier in life is to always apply a makeup primer before any liquid or powder foundation. Not only does a primer perfect your makeup application, it also creates a barrier between your skin and your foundation.

For instance, if you have dry skin or enlarged pores, applying foundation directly on your skin can soak up the foundation or make your pores more visible without a primer. Instead, primer can seal your pores for a flawless makeup application.

There’s a big variety of primers on the market and most are non-comedogenic. However, silicone-based primers can potentially worsen acne-prone skin, so try to go for a water-based primer.

3. Photo Facial once a week
We all know that feeling of walking out of a facial; your skin feels refreshed, cleaner, softer, younger and truly transformed. Unlike traditional facials that may cost anywhere from $75 to $100, LightStim is an FDA cleared medical device that can assist with reducing fine lines and wrinkles in as little as two months. Photo Facials are included in iCLUB membership costs so you can enjoy beautiful skin on a budget.

4. Mask once a week
Our favorite thing about face masks is that there’s one for almost every skin concern. Whether your skin is acne-prone, dehydrated, dry or dull, you can easily find a budget friendly face mask to use. Pick one day of the week that is usually mellow (we love Sundays) and apply it while watching your favorite Netflix series.

5. Easy does it
Last but not least, if there’s one thing to take away it’s that simple and easy truly is best. There are so many skincare products on the market with a myriad of claims, however, if the product you select doesn’t have active ingredients, make your picks based on texture and how it makes your skin feel.