Meet the 2018 iTAN Brand Ambassadors

Posted on August 16th, 2018

Meet the 2018 iTAN Brand Ambassadors! Shayna Sands, Tyler Myerly and Tyler Smith are excited to represent iTAN Sun Spray Spa and embody the brand’s core values of living confidently in your own skin. We chatted with the fresh faces of iTAN about their new role as an iTAN Brand Ambassador.

Here’s what they had to say.

1. Where are you from and where do you live now?

Shayna: I was born and raised in beautiful San Diego. I don’t plan on living elsewhere because my heart is in San Diego!

Tyler M: I grew up and currently live in Corona, Calif.

Tyler S: I am originally from Annapolis, Maryland. I moved to San Diego about a year ago and am really excited to be here!

2. What’s your favorite part of living the California lifestyle?

Shayna: My favorite part of living the California lifestyle is being minutes away from the beach. I love surfing, riding the waves and of course, tanning. California is so diverse; we could wake up and go to the beach and end our day in the mountains of Julian or Big Bear.

Tyler M: Just about everything. Where else are you going to get the beach, mountains and desert so close to each other?!

Tyler S: Every person I have met so far in California is so chill and friendly. Plus, I can spend all year going to the beach without worrying about it ever getting cold!

3. What’s most important to you in your life?

Shayna: Family has always been number one in my life. They come before anything else.

Tyler M: I enjoy spending time with my family because they will always be there for me. I also enjoy investing time into dance and coaching my dancers. I have so much fun with them at practice! Ultimately, spending time with the people I love most is important.

Tyler S: I would say my education is very important to me because I love learning new things. It has led me to find my passion in pursuing a medical career, even if it will take me seven more years of school to get there.

4. What makes you most excited about being one of the 2018 iTAN Brand Ambassadors?

Shayna: I’m beyond excited to be one of the 2018 iTAN Brand Ambassadors because I have been a loyal member of the iTAN community for over two years now.

Tyler M: I’m most excited about helping show off iTAN’s glow! There’s a lot of services and products people don’t know about that I can help share.

Tyler S: I’m super excited to be representing a brand that promotes an active and healthy way of living. I can’t wait to share my iTAN experiences with all of my followers!

5. What message do you hope to share with the iTAN communities?

Shayna: I hope to share with the members of the iTAN communities that feeling confident in your own skin and taking care of your health are some of the most important things you can do for yourself.

Tyler M: I want people to know that there’s so many different ways to feel confident and have fun. Find what makes you feel really happy, and you’ll automatically feel more comfortable with yourself!

Tyler S: I plan to let the iTAN communities know that although it is important to work hard, it’s just as important to relax. I really want to emphasize the importance of taking care of yourself mentally and physically.

6. Which sun, spray, and spa services are your favorite?

Shayna: I like to start with the Sun Pro or level 4 sunbed because it customizes my tan specifically for my skin. I’ll end my regimen with a dark Mystic spray tan that leaves me glowing!

Tyler M: Personally, all the Sun Pro sunbeds are my favorite! Anytime I want a quicker result, I’ll double dip using the Sun Pro, and then hop into the Mystic HD Spray Booth.

Tyler S: I usually head straight for a Sun Pro sunbed because of the long-lasting color it provides. I also recommend using the Hydration Station before tanning to hydrate your skin if you tan often. I always get my best tan from combining services!

7. Which products do you recommend?

Shayna: I would highly recommend the Mystic accelerator so your tan appears faster with a more even application. I use the double dip intensifier lotion before using a sunbed and a spray session.

Tyler M: My guide to getting the ultimate tan starts with the Tekton Bronzer. It smells great, applies flawlessly and I can really see the results. If I want a faster, longer lasting spray tan, I would recommend the Mystic Boost. As for Mystic color, I love the bronze hue I get from a Dark Mystic with the Island Kyssed bronzer. I also love the natural glow I get from a Light Mystic combine with the Honey Kyssed bronzer.

Tyler S: I would definitely recommend the Teeth Whitening. It’s such a simple process, but really helps to enhance my glow!

8. What do you hope to accomplish in your role as a 2018 iTAN Brand Ambassador?

Shayna: With the influence of social media, I hope to spread the word of the positive impact iTAN can bring for you in taking great care of yourself.

Tyler M: I want to help get the word out about iTAN! It’s such an incredible company and deserves all the exposure it can get. Getting to promote its Sun, Spray & Spa services is just a bonus!

Tyler S: I hope to inspire others to live their best lives and feel confident in their own skin. Posting on social media as an ambassador for iTAN will allow me to show people that something as simple as getting a tan or booking a spa service can be that refresher you’ve been looking for to give yourself a confidence boost.