2017 Trend: Matcha Tea

Posted on February 3rd, 2017

Sorry we’re not sorry coffee!

What if you could get your much-needed caffeine boost, while also beautifying your skin and easing your anxiety? Oh, and boosting your metabolism and brain function. This 2017 wellness trend is not a myth. It’s MATCHA. And it is awesome!

Did you say Match.com?

What!? No! Matcha is green tea. Like, if green tea suddenly went from Clark Kent to Superman.

How is it different?

It all starts way before it reaches your cup. Matcha leaves are steamed (how they stay chock-full of antioxidants), destemmed, air-dried, and then ground into powder. This makes a much more potent brew than your average cup of green tea, which is made from whole leaves steeped in hot water.

How do I make The Matcha?

It’s easy! To make your matcha tea, dissolve a scoop of matcha powder in hot water (like 175 degrees). Now whisk, gently.

Wow. This is some seriously green tea. What does it taste like?

Matcha tea has an earthy, nutty, slightly sweet flavor. It makes a delightful latte.

Okay so what will it do for me?
Way more than that Frappuccino you were contemplating!

7 Superfood Benefits of Matcha Tea

1. Matcha has twice as much caffeine as ordinary green tea… but won’t make you jittery.
2. Matcha boosts your metabolism, and helps you burn calories.
3. Matcha can help your body detox.
4. Matcha can help to balance your mood.
5. Matcha helps protect your skin. (We like this one!)
6. Matcha supports your immune system.
7. Matcha can help you focus.

Matcha tea is traditionally the stuff of ceremonies… But if you add a scoop of matcha powder to your smoothie, we saw nothing. In fact, we recommend it!

How does matcha do all of these things!?

It comes down to a few key components that matcha has a WHOLE lot of:
1. Detoxifying chlorophyll (that’s why it’s so green)
2. Antioxidant polyphenols (most notably EGCg to fight against cancer)
3. Amino acid L-theanine (the Zen maker)

How do I break the news to coffee that it’s over between us?

That is a conversation for another blog post, my friend!