2014 Holiday Glow at iTAN

Posted on December 13th, 2014

While double dipping is definitely a ‘no’ at any holiday soiree, it’s definitely a yes in terms of bringing out your natural glow. A double dip at iTAN Sun Spray Spa means hopping into your favorite sun bed followed by a spray tan.

Guests can bask in the warmth of their preferred bed for natural color whether it’s in a sun basic, unlimited or essential. Our go-to this season is the iTAN Smart Bed which features an amazing skin-sensing technology that gives you a customized session based on your skin type. And the best part? You will have a just-off-the-beach look while virtually eliminating overexposure and relaxing with aroma therapy, aqua mist, MP3 hook ups and more.

After your relaxing Sun session, an iTAN spray tan is the best way to boost your holiday glow. Debating between VersaSpa and Mystic? Mystic gives you the opportunity to customize your color with enhancers, bronzers and aromas. On the other hand, VersaSpa offers light, medium and dark with a clear solution.

This holiday season get ready for double the fun with double dipping!

P.S. Here are 3 easy tips to get you started and to help extend your tan.

1. Exfoliate and shave 24 hours before your double dip.

2. Don’t wear cosmetics or fragrances prior to spray tanning.

3. Moisturize everyday (we love Hemp Nation by Australian Gold) and enjoy your tan!