2014 Holiday Beauty & Style Tips

Posted on November 22nd, 2014

As we all know, winter arrives quite late in Southern California. But don’t worry, iTAN has the best kept beauty and style secrets for beating those early winter blues. Whether you have an hour to prep for a holiday party, or just 5 minutes, this quick roundup of our favorite holiday beauty and style tips will get you feeling even more gorgeous in a flash.

1. Fancy up your eyes: Eyes are the focus for winter 2014. Extra long-false lashes were a hit at all the big-time winter fashion shows, including Gucci and Dior. Not a false lash kind of person? Frosty eyeshadows are all the rage with rose and gold tones staying in this season. Can’t decide on a shade? Start with a gold base and blend in rose tones such as those in the Naked 3 palette, our favorite!

2. Score perfect party color: If you’re like us, then you know friends don’t let friends show up to a holiday soiree without a tan. If you’re looking for a glamorous glow then try a light spray tan for a color boost or a dark spray tan for a just-off-the-beach look. Remember, Versa provides an everyday color boost whereas Mystic is more of a special events look.

3. Recycle and reuse. Recycle last year’s LBD or standard black tux. We promise no one will notice. Remember Australia’s Today host who wore the same tux year round and no one noticed? However, if you’re looking for a quick upgrade try some nice holiday tights with fashion forward boots – this year’s staples.

4. Detox with FIT Bodywrap®. Sure, you may have eaten one too many cupcakes and drank a bit too much eggnog, but don’t let the guilt turn into holiday weight gain. Although you are staying active, it’s important to detox and eliminate the toxins in your body to help with your ability to maintain optimum health and cleanse your body from the junk foods you may have consumed.

5. Turn on your radiance with magenta, mulberry and plum: In Southern California we sure don’t need fur coats or leather gloves, so wearing this season’s best colors is a sure way to keep up with the trends. It’s also the perfect complement to a natural looking tan! Toss on anything in magenta, mulberry and plum and you’re sure to be in style with the season.