2 Easy Ways to Embrace an Endless Summer

Posted on September 1st, 2015

Labor Day weekend is not the end of summer, so please put your pumpkin spiced latte order on hold or have it iced (yum!). After all, it’s probably 80 degrees and sunny today, or better yet you’re prepping for Labor Day weekend on a sandy beach in Southern California.

We’ve put together the only two tips you’ll need to keep summer going through Labor Day weekend and beyond:

1. Enter our #SunFun15 Contest!
We love seeing your Southern California-inspired photos on Instagram, and we hope to see more of them during Labor Day weekend 2015! Share your favorite endless summer photos by September 7, 2015 on Instagram, and use hashtag #SunFun15 for a chance to win an exclusive prize pack from our favorite brands, including VAVi Sport & Social Club, JLab Audio, Juice Crafters, Australian Gold, Whiter Image and more. Check out the full list of prizes here!

How to win an iTAN #SunFun15 Prize Pack:
1. Post a SoCal summer photo on Instagram! (Palm trees, shorelines and action shots are encouraged.)
2. Use hashtag #SunFun15


1. Click here and upload a #SunFun15 image to Facebook.

2. You have our full permission to double dip!
Double dipping is always recommended in order to achieve the ultimate golden glow and is the perfect way to prepare for Labor Day weekend festivities! Combine the benefits of our sun and spray sessions for an enviable sun-kissed complexion.

How to get the most out of your double dip:
1. Read our Insider’s Guide: 5 Tips to for Prolonging Your Summer Tone and relax in sunlight in any of our Sun Lite, Sun Plus and Sun Pro sunbeds.
2. Apply Pre-Tan Exfoliant in circular motions with a wash cloth to create a smooth canvas for your spray application.
3. Get a deeper and darker event-ready tan by applying Pre-Tan Intensifier and letting it fully dry before your spray session.
4. Chat with your iTAN consultant and see if a light, medium or dark spray tan is best for your complexion, and allow 6-8 hours for your spray tan to develop.
5. After your spray tan use mild soap, avoid exfoliation and moisturize for long-lasting color.

So now, let’s all agree that summer isn’t over. An endless summer and bronze glow both await you every day at iTAN.